Our pedagogy

A progressive and personalized learning of surfing

A progressive and personalized learning of surfing

Invented by Bernard and Olivier, the co-founders of the school, our teaching method will allow you a progressive and personalized learning. Focused on a theoretical and technical part on sand, then a practical part in water, this method is adapted by the teachers to each of the participants, according to their level, and their age. It makes surfing accessible to all: children, teenagers, not to mention parents, who are more and more numerous to try successfully in this sport. At the end of your internship you will be given a surfboard / bodyboard passport attesting to your level.


At the beginning of the course, the teacher will transmit his knowledge of the marine environment (current, bay, sandbank, weather ...), as well as safety rules, so that you can fully understand the environment in which you will evolve . Then you will have a warm-up on the sand, followed by learning the technique of "take off" (way to stand on his board).


After testing your take off on the sand, it's time to put it into practice in the water! You will leave for 1h30 of fun in the water. Under the close supervision of the teacher, who will give you all his advice to enable you to make the most of this experience and to progress at best, you will taste the joys of skiing! Our courses are given by instructors of very high technical level and all holders of the State Patent of surfing or bodyboarding.


Our wide range of surf boards from fish to longboard will allow you to learn and practice according to your level and the different sea conditions. Thanks to our partner, Mistic Surfboard, we also have very high quality boards, shaped to allow To the most seasoned surfers, in advanced course, to benefit from a glide of high level! Finally, whatever the temperature, summer or winter, you will practice the surf at your ease, warm, thanks to the combinations of our partner Billabong.